Thursday, 26 April 2012


hey guys so heres a recap on my trip heres some photos and listen to music when you watch

i went to  Busch Gardens and here some pictures

 The alligator was super cool
 So was the cheetah
i went on a ride that go 90 miles per hour heres a video

 they had grass sculptures all over the park
the meerkat should say pass the remote LOL 

 thats a picture my dad took                                        same as this one
 i took this one isn't it cool my dog was on that one
heres one that i got from mini golfing you get to feed alligators heres some pictures of that

i got a friend named Dakota and Colby heres a pic of Dakota

and one of Colby

if you want me too post a video or something tell me i the comments


  1. your dog went on the roller coaster????
    I think yo meant your dad lol
    awesome post chuckles
    look like you had fun fun fun

    love and light

  2. wow that rollarcoaster is so fast - it looks cool but I don't think I would go on it.
    I fed hippos at the zoo here. i was afraid they were going to bite off my hand. It looks like you had a cool holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    from Olivia


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